Gratitude for Healing Touch

I am so grateful to Becca and her amazing Healing Touch for Animals® abilities! About a year ago, my beloved cat of 12 years became very ill. It was a horrible weekend of having to leave her overnight at two vet clinics, and spending a lot of money on x-rays, ultrasounds and other tests. They decided that she had a kidney stone, blocking her ureter. They tried several days of medical management where they had her on fluids and under observation. They had to shave her for the ultrasounds, and her legs were becoming irritated from having tubes in them. Finally they suggested that I take her to the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Fort Collins for surgery. At that time I visited Becca and she performed Healing Touch on Kemisi. When I returned the next day to the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital (since that next day was the earliest we could get in), they re-performed the ultrasounds and x-rays the two other clinics had done. To everyone’s amazement, the kidney stone had “just broken up” and they only saw debris. I immediately knew that it had been Becca’s amazing Healing Touch that had cured my cat. She quickly returned to not only her normal self, but since then has been even healthier and happier than she was before! Our family cannot express the great amount of gratitude we have for Becca and her skills. Becca’s heartfelt and selfless ability to perform Healing Touch on animals is truly a gift in this world!

~ Genevieve K., Highlands Ranch, CO